How to prepare for your session



What to wear?

You choose the type and location of your session that relfects your family. Choose the kind of wardrobe that represents your family too. If you are a casual family then choose casual clothes. Are you a sporty family? Dress the part! Choose clothes you love and feel good in so the pictures represent who you are. If you're a mom that doesn't wear make-up, don't wear a lot of make-up during your session. You want your final images to capture who you are as a family, not people you dressed up to be for a day. That said, here are some great tips and advice to make sure you love your final wardrobe choices:

Do: Wear complimentary colours from the same colour family

Don't: Wear the exact same outfit. When you dress identically, your character and connection get lost

Do: Choose clothing that fits well and is comfortable. If you are uncomfortable, it will show in your pictures

Do:Give your children some choice in what to wear (if your children feel included from the start, they will already be more co-operative and interested in having their pictures taken before I even meet them!) 

Don't: Wear a lot of bold patterns or thin stripes. Too many bold patterns take away from the subjects in the pictures and thin stripes photograph wavy. 


what should i bring?

My goal is to capture who you are and what makes you you. Bring anything meaningful to your shoot to help emphasize that. Engagement pictures with Grandmas hand sewn quilt, toddler pictures with blankey, and family pictures with the family crest all add character and emotion to your final images. 


Newborn sessions are scheduled up to three hours in length to accommodate feeding, changing, settling and posing time. This timeline is an estimation. Depending on how co-operative baby is, the session may be shorter. 

what if i'm not photogenic?

Relax, I've never had a subject yet that wasn't photogenic. If you relax and have fun with your session, the images will be there. Even a cranky toddler produces a mass of great images in between the not so great ones. This is my speciality, I promise you will love the final product. 

How long will it take to get my images back?

I usually try to provide you a couple sneaks within the first 48hrs. You will have your preview gallery available within two weeks. Once you choose your final images, you will have them back to you within 24hrs. Need them sooner? Let's chat. I can usually make it happen! 

What if the weather doesnt cooperate?

I am always flexible to reschedule a shoot if the weather is bad. If it is too cold or wet or you are otherwise uncomfortable, it will show in your images. I want you to look and feel your best at your shoot. 

what is the best location for my session?

The best location for your session dictates something meaningful to you. Do you spend a lot of time on a sports field, or at a coffee shop? Let's do your session there. You are beach people or hikers? Let's go on location. Just bought your first home, or brought home a new baby? Let's capture life at your house (yes dirty dishes, packages of diapers and toys on the floor and all) If you are looking for something specific, ask me for a recommendation, I have some great suggestions!

What if I have a question you didnt answer on your FAQ's Page? 

Call me, message me, text me or email me, I'd be happy to answer it for you