A common concern I come across, especially from new clients is where to have their session done. A few quick questions will help you to find the best place for you. 

1. The very first thing you need to ask yourself when booking your session, is why you are booking your session. Are you booking because there is a special mini session price? Are you booking to document an event like a first birthday, wedding or family reunion? Are you booking your session because you'd like some updated family pictures? Once you know WHY you are booking your session, you need to decide 


2. What do you want to get out of the session? If you are booking for an event like a wedding, or birthday party, a charity event, business head shots, or real estate listing, then this answer is fairly obvious, you want to document the event. However, there are still things to consider. Do you want the entire event captured, or just a portion? Do you want a rigid pose list captured, or do you want a more candid approach, or something in the middle. For portrait sessions that are more flexible, like family, newborn, children, engagement sessions, are you hoping to get a more natural or creative feel to your pictures? Is it more important that you have everyone looking and smiling at the camera, or capturing your children's personalities while they play at the beach? Once you know what is important to get out of the session, you can ask yourself

3. What season do you want to have your session done?

Each season has it's best qualities and an ideal location for that time of year. 

Winter is great for lifestyle sessions at winter carnivals, Christmas tree farms, studio sessions, and cosy home or chalet sessions

Spring is ideal for apple blossom orchards, tulip fields, parks, any type of sunset session involving children (because the sun still sets earlier than summer for children's bedtimes), botanical gardens, parks and fields

Summer is perfect for beach sessions, long weekend family get-together lifestyle sessions, cottage sessions, dock sessions, ice cream sessions, watermelon sessions, parks, barns, botanical gardens, marinas, camp grounds, sun set sessions, forests, vineyards, camps, water-parks, and really any outdoor venue you can think of


Fall is absolutely perfect for parks, forests, Thanksgiving lifestyle sessions, back to school sessions, farms and fields and even tree farms if you want to get a head start on your Christmas pictures! 

Once you have your season chosen, you need to ask yourself

4. What location best represents you and your family. My hope is that your pictures are not going to sit on your computer, but that they will be printed and enjoyed every time you walk by them in your home or office. When your pictures are hung, what location are you going to enjoy seeing all year round?  Where you are going to be able to enjoy having your session done? Does your family live for the cottage? Then it's worth the travel fee to have your session done there. Does your family enjoy hiking? Let's make the trek to the woods. Your family are minimalists? Then let's do a crisp white backdrop in studio. Figure out what makes you happy and have your session done where you can re-live it every time you walk by it. 


If you've answered all these questions, and have an idea in mind but are still unsure as to where the best location to execute your session is, always ask. I am happy to give direction, and offer suggestions! 

P.S. If you happen across a great location, or hidden gem, I would LOVE to hear about it! I am always scouting for new locations, and if you are the one to tip me off to a new place, there may be a bonus in it for you!